Rubbing Alcohol For Skin Care?

April 2, 2018

Oh you bought the new moisturizer from that perfume store? It's tightening & smells like cotton candy huh? Do you even read the ingredients? Here's what you should look out for when purchasing your next toner, cleanser, or moisturizer.




Most alcohols are potentially dangerous - These are the following common alcohols in skin care products;


| Ethanol

| Ethyl Alcohol

| Methanol

| Benzyl Alcohol

| Isopropyl Alcohol

| SD Alcohol


The main question's you're probably asking is why, why and WHY? Oh trust me, it's an on-going question in the beauty industry. The following are some common reason's manufacturer's use alcohol;


| Solvents: They help other ingredients mix that aren't usually able to with water.


| Astringents: In some products, like cleansers and toners. alcohols are included to "tighten skin" and "shrink pores"


| Enhance absorption: Alcohols provide a sensation of absorption when applied prior to moisturizer's.


| Preservatives: Alcohols have anti-bacterial properties. NURSES swab your skin with this before giving you a shot, so they're sometimes used as a preservative in cosmetic procedures.


| Fast-drying: Manufacture's like including alcohols the most in products because it is fast drying, meaning you will have to use more and purchase more.


So, those are their reasons to sell skin care with alcohol to you. Here's your reason to avoid purchasing "Instant tightening, You cant believe it" skin care.


These alcohols irritate the skin, stripping away the natural acid mantle, dehydrating cells and potentially increasing the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin has a barrier that helps keep moisture and fight against damaging environmental elements. Alcohol breaks this barrier, allowing skin to be attacked by irritants, allergens, viruses, and bacteria. Even

some Hospitals since 2003 don't use these alcohols in their hand cleansers, this has resulted in reduced skin problems among hospital staff. 


Many anti-acne products contain alcohol because of its anti-bacterial properties and the way it clears oil from the skin. These temporary benefits are NOT worth long-term problems. A study early this decade, for example, found that over time the use of these products on acneic skin cause's it to just produce more oil, leaving you with a worse problem than you had in the beginning.



Although, some alcohols are good for skin, They're know as "wax" or "fatty" alcohols. 


In conclusion, you should always try to go the natural route in skin care. Consult with a Ethetician or Dermatologist before purchasing any new skin care for your routine. Try to stay away from any product with more then 15 ingredient's, make sure to research the ingredients if you're unaware of they're contents, and lastly don't ever use pure rubbing alcohol to clean your face or pores. Yikes!


Give us a call if you would like to get some advice on your skin care routine or book a consultation with Medical Esthetician, Andrea Schlenker.


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