6 Eyebrow Mistake's You Don't Know You're Making.

March 14, 2018

Eyes are the window to the soul, but lets call your eyebrows the curtains.

Are your eyebrows those floral curtains from the '90s? (Yikes).

Or are they the simplistic modern curtains that make all the difference in the room? To help everyone have flawless eyebrows, We have researched all the common (and not so common) eyebrow makeup mistakes. 




1. Ignoring your natural arch

Problem: A lot of times we focus on the bottom edge of our brows and ignore the top arch. We like to swipe a straight line of concealer on top and hit a U-Turn on our lower brow bone.


Solution: Make sure if you're going to take off some brow under you give some brow to the top, just to even things out.


Here's an example of a healthy proportioned arch;




2. Trying to force a shape that doesn't work for you

Problem: Got a one-size fits all brow stencil? Throw it away! You probably try to make your eyebrows twins. Hey, Its okay if their just sister's.


Solution: Place your brow pencil with the outer corner of your eye and line it with your brow bone. Now place the brow pencil with the according side of the nose bridge and line it straight up towards your hairline. (This will show you the appropriate length of your eyebrow)

Lastly, place your brow pencil in the center of the according nostril and line it at a 60-50 degree angle. (This will show you where the highest point of your arch should be.


Below is an example of brow symmetry many MUA's follow;


3. Laying the eyebrow makeup to thick

Problem: It looks like you painted your eyebrows on.

You aimed for Instagram brows and ended up with the product divider at your supermarket register.


Solution: You should aim for slight transparency but NOT for a Sharpie sponsorship.




4. Plucking in the shower

Problem: Hot showers occasionally softens the hair follicles and a few eyelash or brow hairs may slip out. This could happen more often if you pluck before or while showering.


Solution: Pluck your eyebrows at night before bed.

P.S. Make sure to moisturize!



5. Sticking to what your comfortable with

Problem: Are you going to a music festival, club or house party? The eyebrow's do make the face and can change your entire look. After all it is makeup, have fun!


Solution: Pay attention to Instagram's Popular Timeline. Get inspired!



Check out some of these Instagram trends;





6. You haven't attended a TLC Eyebrow class

Problem: I mean it's in the title. You're a Permanent Makeup or Microblading artist and you haven't attended our TLC- Everything Eye Brow Courses.


Solution: Give us a call, become an expert on brow symmetry & color theory at least.

Contact: Juan Figueroa |321|362|1126


We do not own any of the photos of celebrities or other personalities used in this post.








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