What will you learn?

Consultations: Understanding the top questions your clients/patients will ask and how to give clear expectations.
Empathy: How to better understand the feeling’s of patients during the working day.
Machines: Learning the machine parts, speed, and handling for each type of procedure.
Infections Control: Detailed example of practical work day that ties into blood borne pathogen class.
Reconstructions: Reviewing and studying the different types and knowing your canvas in order to choose the correct tools.
Scar Tissue: Full understanding of the types of scar tissue that can be corrected with micropigmentation.
Proper Techniques, Hand Position, Proper Stretching: Practical and visual learning.
Machine Angles/Motions: Practical and visual learning.
Color Theory: Understanding of the undertones in colors to match different skin types.
Areola Nipples: How to create the illusion and what to use.

Color Mixing: Simple understanding of what colors to use for each skin type.
Needles For Each Machine: Knowing the different types of tools for each machine and setting.
Intensive Needle Understanding: Including sizes, groupings, tapers, depth, textures and choosing the correct needle for each procedure.
Skin Types: Details on our secret trick to match each skin type.
Difficult Situations: What to do and how to handle.
Aftercare (Scars): What works best and all after care forms you need to give to your clients.
Charting: Proper charting to track and understand each client.
Billing & Insurance: Review of materials and resources client/patients will need. Will be provided with materials.
Photography: Lesson on how and to take photos of.
Marketing: How to create awareness about your services and the impact of them.

…and so much more!
*This exclusive class includes working on live models*

Areola Pigmentation 1 Day Advanced class

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