Maria Machado - Professional & Social Image Consultant

Maria Machado- Brand Ambassador Of TLC Permanent Makeup.

Born in Colombia, Maria as a child fit into a common statistic. Her and many other's subconsciously programed to settle for poverty. To recognize and to manipulate the subconscious mind is not a task to check off a to-do list. Due to all levels of traumatic experiences one comes across in a life-time, the control of your subconscious mind will have to be reinforced daily.

At a young age Maria sought out a future of international success for her and her family. She encouraged her family and friends to practice positive thinking, mindfulness in relaxation, creative visualization, and personal confidence in understanding the perception of others.

Maria's step by step guide of introspection to "enlightenment" motivated her family's move to the United States.

Starting her professional development at the age of 15, Esthetic courses at 17, and Permanent Makeup courses at 18; Maria at the age of 19 was a licensed Esthetician & Medical Permanent Makeup Artist with corporate experience. Now, age 21 Maria Machado dedicates her time to teaching, public speaking, and consulting children and adults for developing and/or polishing your professional & social image. Located in Central Florida, she provides training on makeup skills, styling, budgeting, professional development, and character building.

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